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Best Brunch Spots in Metro Vancouver!

Flickr Photo: Jun Seita

Not too many of us get an early start on a Saturday or Sunday morning. After a night out we’re going to sleep in… and then wake up mid-morning with an appetite. There’s only one solution – brunch!

Here are some good spots to savour a hearty meal and let your mind coalesce over dark coffee while you plan out the incredible awesomeness that awaits you for the rest of the day!

Top Brunch Spots in Vancouver, Surrey & Around Town

McJac’s Roadhouse Grille Restaurant. This 50s’-style diner in Surrey gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from its patrons for its made-from-scratch comfort food. Cinnibon on Urban Spoon has the scoop:

Since we’ve been introduced to this gem of a restaurant, we look forward to Sundays to feed our McJac’s brunch hunger. One of us always orders the traditional eggs benny. The sauce is homemade (so they say – we believe them), thick butcher cut slices of ham (not deli shave, it’s great), home fried potatoes… delicious! The other one usually ventures, trying out their other dishes. Pancakes are gigantic and super fluffy, so good!

De Dutch Pannekoek House in Cloverdale (or one of their other many locations throughout the Lower Mainland). You think you know pancakes… and then, you come here; 37-inches around – their pancakes are entire meals! Top them with a standard eggs, bacon and tomato slices, or be adventurous with trail mix and hot cinnamon apple slices; a sweet banana maple walnut combo; the Rio Grande (a hybrid of pancakes and a huevos rancheros recipe), and plenty of other options.

Flickr Photo: darrentunnicliff

Havana Restaurant & Gallery. Awesome Cuban food in the heart of Commercial Drive, in Vancouver. Sure, they’ve got omelettes, waffles and hash a-plenty if you’re looking for some standard fare, but that’s not why you’re here. Get the Jambalaya (Fresh chicken breast, ham, prawns, tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic tossed with Cuban rice, cround Cajun peppers and white wine). The Cuban sandwich is always a winner (Roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, house made BBQ sauce, chipotle mayo and pickles). Better yet, start off with some tapas like the ceviche. Yum.

The Rumpus Room in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. The decor is determined by this place’s name — it looks like a wide-open, well-lit version of your favorite retro-relaxation space. The coffee is black and the food is pure comfort and nostalgia; try the pulled pork sandwich or a range of eggs benny combos. The ’70s-inspired menu is pretty kid-friendly as well (Burgers! Hot dogs! Mac and cheese!) — sit down, relax and take in the flavors and the scenery.

Flickr Photo: Jun Seita

White Spot. With dozens of locations around the Lower Mainland, there’s one near you — and while we did try to steer you away from chains for the most part, White Spot is a B.C. institution. Besides, their brunch menu of benedicts, burritos, hearty eggs-and-sausages classic combo or blueberry waffles is just too darn yummy to ignore on principle. Seriously, those waffles… oh yeah.

Where’s your favourite brunch spot & what do you recommend there?