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Have a Brew (or Two) at Surrey’s Original Brewpub!

Photo Credit: Big Ridge Brewing Company

When the Big Ridge Brewing Company opened at its original location in 1999, it became Surrey’s first brewpub, serving up a delightful menu of ales and lagers that you can only get on-site. The new location at 5580 152nd Street, opened up across the street in 2010, was custom-designed for brewing up an annual capacity of less than 17,600 Hectolitres (100 litres) of beer… and it’s good stuff, well worth coming down for a sample or three (but, drink responsibly, people).

From their clean and refreshing Harvest Lager and crisp, fruity Chimney Hill Wheat to dark, rich Old Sullivan Porter and many others, Big Ridge’s craft-brewed selection is all about variety. The place serves an excellent food menu as well — and when you’re ready to go, you might just want to take a quick trip into the store next door that sells 442 different craft beers, the “largest selection this side of the Fraser”, according to the store manager.

We talked with Big Ridge Brewing Company Assistant Manager Sheila Collins about what makes their beer special, what kind of beer and food pairings go well together and related topics in this audio interview. Here’s an excerpt transcript:

Flickr Photo: capella161

One of our most popular sections on our menu is our Asian Kitchen section. Lots of people have chicken chow mein, which is not too spicy, with the Amber Ale or even the Clover Ale. It would go well with something that’s a little fuller. Then we have the spicier dishes where you want to go with something a little lighter. You want to go with the lager or the Wheat Ale. When you’re having something spicy, you don’t want something that’s going to fight it. You want a beer that will play with it.

Have a listen.

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What’s your favourite Big Ridge brew?