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Must-Visit Metro Vancouver Attractions: Capilano Suspension Bridge


With the long, warm summer days approaching, it’s a great time get out and explore our beautiful region. As such, we thought we’d do a series highlighting some of Metro Vancouver’s must-visit attractions – all located just minutes from Surrey, BC!

First up: Capilano Suspension Bridge!

Capilano Suspension Bridge attraction Metro Vancouver
Photo Credit: netsnake

Just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Capilano Suspension Bridge easily ranks as one of the top – if not the top-ranked visitor attractions in Metro Vancouver. Almost in an instant, you’re deep in the primeval West coast rainforest; enhanced with an “Ewok-friendly” treetop adventure, a cliff walk that will blow your mind and get your heart running at the same time, mysterious totem poles – not to mention the main attraction -  a 450-foot long foot bridge suspended 70 meters over the misty Capilano River!

I’ve come to this magical place toting my camera and a bucket of enthusiasm nearly a dozen times in as many years, literally since the first day I came to the West coast. It’s on my must-see list for any friends or relatives who come to visit. I chatted with Capilano Suspension Bridge Communications Manager, Stacy Chala, about why this place is so popular with millions of tourists and locals — and why it’s always worth going again.

Photo Credit: Jerry Bowley

For those who might already have been before, what’s new at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park?

Stacy: We’ve redesigned our whole Totem Pole Park. It looks amazing. We’re also very happy with our new cafe, the Capilano Coffee Company, which uses local food suppliers, local products and even the beans get roasted locally. More than ever, this is a really neat place to experience British Columbia.

Why do so many people come here every year?

Stacy:  The number-one feature is the bridge itself – a one-of-a-kind experience. The Cliffwalk that was built in June 2011 is also a must-see; you go on a very narrow walkway on the edge of the Capilano River cliff-face. The Treetops Adventure gets you up high with a squirrel’s eye view. It’s a real adventure! There’s really nothing like this place anywhere else in Canada.

Photo Credit: Joshua Bousel

What kind of visitors come here?

Stacy: We do see a lot of couples, but also a lot of kids. The visitor base is very broad — though I have to say, the kids do have a great time. Actually, on weekends starting May 18 and every day from June 22 to September 2, we’ve got the Birds from Raptors Ridge, coming; the kids can see birds of prey including hawks, falcons and owls. Just one more reason to come!

Anything else you’re promoting these days?

Stacy: Our biggest promotion year round is the annual pass for B.C. residents: an annual pass costs the same as a single day’s adult admission, plus 15 percent off for the guests you bring. It’s a great deal.

Photo Credit: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Have you been to Capilano Suspension Bridge? What’s your favorite part? Leave a comment below.