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Indian Restaurants That Rock: Part II


Last November, we asked you for some of your favourite Indian restaurants in Metro Vancouver, and compiled them on our blog, Indian Restaurants That Rock: Part I.  The response was overwhelming, with many of our readers providing great tips on other great Indian restaurants around town! So, without further ado, we give you Indian Restaurants That Rock: Part II!

Tandoori Kona, Richmond

Photo Credit: David Wu

Avid blog reader, Margot, made sure we didn’t miss Tandoori Kona! Located at No. 5 & Cambie Road, this restaurant is regarded by many to be the best Indian restaurant in Richmond. Food blogger, Paradise by the Oven Light raves, “The food was so rich that we had leftovers and probably could have done without the appetizers. I definitely understand why this is known as the best Indian restaurant in Richmond now and will be returning many times in the future!” Yelp reviewer Mystic-Wind63 seconds the sentiment, saying that  “…it was DELICIOUS! The butter chicken is some of the best I’ve ever had – moist, flavourful, hot.” >> Explore the menu

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Little India, White Rock

Photo Credit: Little India

Little India at White Rock beach is my #1 go-to Indian restaurant. The friendly-owner, Peter, offers unparalleled service and a delightful dining experience, all paired with breathtaking ocean views of White Rock pier & beach. The warm, welcoming atmosphere makes you feel right at home – even if it’s your first Indian dining experience – and has successfully converted many of my more reluctant friends into Indian food advocates. Try the tikka masala, chili chicken, or my favourite – butter chicken. Paired with a Kingfisher beer, there is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying the sunset from this spectacular viewpoint. >> Explore the menu

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The Original Tandoori Kitchen, Vancouver

Photo Credit: Jennifer K

Recommended by reader Julie Brown, the Original Tandoori Kitchen on Main Street boasts dishes that are “inspired by Great Indian Emperors”. Their “signature dishes are first marinated in an exotic blend of spices, as inspired by chefs of bygone eras, before they are barbecued on skewers in the tall, high-heat tandoor oven over charcoal.” Sound delicious? You bet! With a strong 91% review rating on Urbanspoon, this is one tried & tested Tandoori joint you’ll want to try for yourself! >> Explore the menu

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Taj Sweets & Restaurant, Surrey

Photo Credit: Taj Sweets & Restaurant

Located in the heart of Surrey, Taj Sweets & Restaurant is the perfect place to pick up a quick bite, or sit down and enjoy a lengthy meal with family and friends.  Twitter follower @AuntieStress tipped us off about this restaurant, which offers an eclectic mix of vegetarian, sweet, and savoury dishes that are sure to tantalize the tastebuds. Yelp reviewer Island Eater raves “Great food and incredibly friendly service. The best butter chicken I have ever had. Very nice balance between portion size and price. We will be going back for sure!” And, be sure to visit their website, and print out a coupon that offers 50% off on a 2nd entree or a 10% Take-out Special. >> Explore the menu

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Have you tried these Indian restaurants? What’s your favourite?